December 2016


  I got my whole set of books!  Thanks so much.  They are lovely.  Since I got some of the books at the library I started with "One Clear Call" and I really like the introduction.

Julie - NY, NY

September 2016

Dear Frederick and Stephen,

We received our box of books about three days ago and are very pleased with you fast, friendly service plus we are very pleased with the quality of the books themselves to say nothing about the content., but I have to admit being grateful to discover the 'red' covers were actually that deep burgundy that looks so classic in our bookcase.

My spouse had time to read far enough ahead in the borrowed library book that we are now on different books entirely and won't have to sneak a shared book away from each other when one of us leaves it unattended.

Thank you for making this historic series available--it's wonderful to know that we have months ahead to spend with Lanny in his world.

Barbara in Walla Walla, WA

August 2016

As a person who has thoroughly enjoyed a number of Upton Sinclair's books, especially enjoyed the Lanny Budd series and tried to collect the volumes without success.  During a web search, I happened upon the web site for Upton Sinclair and discovered the Lanny Budd series offered as a new edition hardback collection at a very reasonable price.  This led me to communicate with Frederick Ellis, who answered my questioners and arranged for my purchase of this series.

They will be enjoyed for decades to come.  What a find!

John, Waynesville, NC

June 2016

Hi Frederick,

I received my book order the other day and was surprised at the quick turn-around for the delivery f the box with the 11 volumes of the Lanny Budd novels.  I am impressed the the quality of the books and the way they dress up my bookcase.I started the first volume on-line but finished it withe hard copy.  Last, I am not goof with the e-version on the various devices.  

John, Greeley, CO

April 2016


I picked up the books yesterday and they are very nice and affordable.  I was fortunate to have accidentally happened upon your website and to work with you in securing hard cover editions that will provide me with reading I so enjoy, but also a set of books that will look nice and professional on my bookshelf.

John - Charlotte, NC

February 3, 2016

Dear Frederick,

Thanks a lot for the prompt service and timely delivery of the Lanny Budd set.  You really did a great job of producing a high-quality set of books: good quality of paper, clear print, a solid and pleasant (sewn) hardcover binding - what more could a reader ask?

I had been looking for a modern printing reprint of Upton Sinclair's works for a long time. The moment I got the box, I immediately dove into the first volume, World's End.  What a treat!  It really felt like a reunion with old friends, after many years of not seeing them.  

I first read them as a teen-ager some thirty years ago, following my  father's recommendation.  This now probably the fourth time i am reading the series. 

Anyone fascinated  about  XX Century history will benefit from reading Sinclair's magnum opus.Thanks again, regards from the Alps and...keep up the good work! 

Walter K.  

Zurich, Switzerland


Dear Frederick,

Hope that you are enjoying a Happy Holiday season.  I ope that you are enjoying a Happy Holiday season.  I received the books and they were all in good condition with fine lovely red binding.  Prior to ordering the set, I had already read "Dragon's Teeth". As a fan of Upton Sinclair and having read "Dragon"s Teeth" I searched in vain to find a complete set of the World's End - Lanny Budd series.  I found Frederick's web site that offered the complete set but hesitated to buy for a long time, because of y reluctance to purchase over the internet.  Recent,ly the books were on sale and I emailed Frederick and to my surprise he has made things easy.He sent e an invoice that allowed me to join PayPal as easy as 1.2.3.  I now own a complete set in fine Red Binding that were delivered in a timely manner in perfect condition.  If you are in the market for the World's series, don't hesitate and wait as long as I did. the books and they were all in good condition with fine books are magnificent.

Earl, San Diego, 


Finally got back home and had a chance to take a look at the books. They are just fantastic. I am so glad that I went ahead and purchased the series. I will gain a lot of pleasure with these books as I read the series.

Thanks again for making the books available.

From Jeffrey, San Francisco 

Hello Stephen

Just a line to let you know that my books have arrived and I am very pleased with them. I am so glad that you have enabled me to own the complete series and I look forward to reacquainting myself with Lanny after a period of thirty odd years since I last read the books.

 I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.


October 20015 Donald - UK

Hi Stephen--

The books in the series arrived "as advertised", in excellent condition and on a timely basis. My spouse, Brenda, whose idea it was to track down and purchase the entire series, is now miffed that I have glommed on to "World's End" and as I write am following the progress of the "peace talks" in Paris following the "war to end all war" and make the world safe for democracy.

For me, much of the "fun" of the read is Sinclair's views as an author who lived through the time(s) he writes about. Many years ago I read "The Arms of Krupp", but Sinclair's use of Buddie, Zaharoff and a host of characters adds context "to the business of the business of killing" and causes one to stop and think about the "progress" we have made, as a nation and as part of the world community. (At the risk of being trite, think "drones".)

What a find for me and my family. Are there other treasures out there that need to be preserved, restored and shared? I hope so.

Gary P.  and Brenda C. 
September 3, 2015
Indianapolis, Indiana

Hello again, Stephen,

Now I have had a closer look, and I am very satisfied with the high quality of the books and the service. I have finished the volume “Dragonteeth”, and I am really looking forward to reading the rest of the series that I received from you!

Best wishes,

September 24, 20115

July -15





Hi Stephen,

Up till now my friend, Rhea, did all the correspondence with you, but I felt I wanted to thank you myself, personally.

First of all I would like to thank you for the wonderful initiative of taking upon yourself such a big task: publishing the Lanny Budd Series. I do not have enough words of appreciation for that wonderful idea and carrying it out. Like yourself, may be even earlier (when I was sixteen), I started to read these unique books. As they were so very interesting. I did not mind the language barrier (as English is not my mother tongue), but - I fell in love with Lanny Budd especially, and with all the characters involved, so that along the years I chased all the stores selling old and out of print books. Now I have all the eleven volumes but, they are used (although in good condition, as they put it) and of different sizes, so I was very happy to receive these beautiful volumes, and I thank you so much, again.

Thank you so much again. I love the books, I love the printing and I love to have these books in my library.

Best wishes

Rivka, Israel 
May 22, 2015

I read some of the Lanny Budd books as a teenager and wanted to read them again.  They are hard to find.  I am grateful to Frederick Ellis for making them available.  The books arrived promptly, newly printed, and I am looking forward to read them. g forward to read them and I am looking forward to read them. Len Pittsburgh, PA, 2/15/2015

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