"Between Two Worlds" is the second in Upton Sinclair’s epic eleven book Lanny Budd series, offered in a two volume set. Upton wrote the 11 book series covering World History from 1913 through 1947 in a 13 year period. "Between Two World’s" was first published in 1941, the complete story covers the period from 1919 to 1929. This volume covers the second part of the book ending with the financial collapse of the stock market in 1929.

In this volume, volume three, Lanny Budd, continues his education and develops his business as an art expert and delves deeper into the conditions of the poor and the working class. He visits Germany with his friend and mother’s lover, Kurt Meissner, and learns that Germany is preparing for rearmament for the next war. Lanny continues to watch the rise of Fascism and the systematic elimination of the opposition to this tyranny. Lanny becomes more involved with the socialist movements in Italy and is witness to the murder of the leading politician in Italy, Matteotti by Mussolini’s gangsters

There is a delightful sailing cruise with the Robin family aboard the luxury yacht, The Bessie Budd. Lanny’s step-sister, Bess, falls in love and marries Hansi Robin, son of the rich Johannes Robin and an renowned violinist.

Lanny continues to experience conflicted emotions between his comfortable and pleasant life and the exploitation he sees with the working class. He learns much from his uncle Jesse about the rise of communism in Russia and the spreading discontent among the working classes of Europe.

After the death of his French ami, Maria and innumerable attempts by Beauty and her socialite friends to get Lanny married to the “proper” young woman, Lanny married a 23 million dollar American heiress, Irma Barnes and becomes Mr. Lanny Barnes. The ingenuity of getting married on a boat during the Bessei-Budd cruise illustrates Lanny’s unlimited guile and resourcefulness.

The roaring 20’s are ending with speculation and avarice reminiscent of the United States housing bubble in 2007, as Wall Street crumbles, almost financially destroying Robbie. Lanny covers Robbie’s markets debts and forces Robbie to agree never to play the market again.

Many important changes are coming in Europe as Hitler, Franco and Mussolini rise to prominence and power and the United States experiences the Great Depression.

This, the third volume, will be as exciting for the reader as World’s End and concludes "Between Two Worlds". It is filled with the further development of the characters we grew to love in World’s End with a rich new cast of unforgettable characters. Most of which will long be a part of the epic series.

The journey of reading this epic account of world history in the narrative form is one you will not want to miss. If, like me, you read volume one, World’s End, you will fall in love with this important and epic work and reading the entire series will be a joy like few you have ever experienced.

January 2011
Stephen Courts
Columbus, Ohio 

Between Two Worlds - Summary

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